Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Things Have Changed!

Blogging on an iPhone is not very fun. But I just had to reflect on some changes in my life over the last year. Last year around this time we were getting ready to take a trip - heading to Las Vegas for vacation. I packed pretty simply and had everything that I needed planned out several days in advance (I'm a little OCD that way - don't judge!) My airline liquids bag going through security had makeup, hairspray and hand sanitizer (I'm a nurse - don't judge!) And I had a couple of nice books to enjoy by the pool of our Hilton resort pool.
We recently had to fly with The Little One and my liquids bag had butt paste, infant Tylenol, gas drops, oragel, hand sanitizer and a random tube of lip gloss. Things have changed! You can see the suitcase situation yesterday. TLO's suitcase was almost completely packed and mine was completely empty. I had a list made out of what I needed to pack for TLO and had very little idea of what I was taking for myself. Things have changed! But now all the suitcases are packed and loaded in the car, TLO has a bag of toys she will hopefully enjoy for about 10 hours and I have a stash of baby/parenting magazines stashed in the glove box to enjoy in between times of placating/entertaining TLO. Things have changed! And I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Thank You Lord for change!

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