Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pretty Hot in Prague

It's the end of our 4th day in Prague, Czech Republic and tomorrow we head south to Austria. Prague is a beautiful city and I'm sure it would have been more beautiful if not for this dang heat wave that has the whole area of Europe in temps near 100* F. Now I'm used to that back home but I'm also used to being able to actually cool off indoors. Many restaurants and business here don't have air conditioning but even the ones that do don't have a system that can handle this heat. And since most restaurants are open air dining I've found myself using the napkin to mop sweat from my face instead of keeping my face clean of food. We've walked all across this city and yesterday as we descended into the subway I asked Mark if we could just camp out down there for a while. Our tickets were good for 90 minute so why not? It felt absolutely heavenly! Seriously, I'm pretty sure Heaven feels just like that cool subway! Speaking of the subway/Metro, we quickly mastered the art of toting a double stroller up and down the escalators. It was pretty nerve wracking the first time but now we just do it. And these are escalators that go straight up for at least 4 flights. The first time we almost lost Hannah because we were going down and both trying to have 2 of us hold the stroller and also hold her hand. She was holding my hand and wouldn't take the first step onto it and then fell to her knees on it crying. The escalators move very fast so we were already several steps down. Mark was able to run back up and help her and now she does it all with ease and cheers for herself at the end. But she can't stop dancing when we're waiting for our metro train and I'm scared to death she's going to fall on the track! 

Hannah was a bit disappointed by her first castle visit...there were no kings, queens or princesses! I'd tried to explain that beforehand but she's 3 and she wants princesses! Seeing the crown and scepter did appease her a bit. 

The changing of the guard at Prague Castle was way over hyped. It was actually pretty lame and boring and drug on entirely too long....especially considering the temperature outside! 

Mark and Hannah were able to sneak in a quick prayer at one of the castle chapels. I'm pretty sure she was praying to find a princess...

We enjoyed a nice cruise on the River Vltava our first evening. Daniel was stuck with us while Hannah made some new friends who kept her entertained (not really a surprise to anyone that she made friends is it? She wants to talk to EVERYONE!) 

Just don't call the creepy mime a friend...weird stuff up in the Charles Bridge. 

The Czech people as well as all the tourists we've encountered have all been so kind. Hannah was crying today at a museum when we went to the coat check room to claim our stroller and the attendant was an older woman who kept trying to tease her. She eventually came out and hugged on her and gave her a nectarine. 

There've been a lot of tears, mostly by the same child. We're trying to remain patient but it's getting a little more difficult. At Hard Rock Cafe her food came on a guitar shaped plate which caused tears because she didn't want a guitar plate! (Big sigh....). She's 3. As long as the sun isn't in his eyes Daniel has been amazing, and the sun is an easy fix with the stroller awning. 

Tomorrow we will attempt to squeeze all our bags back into the small car and head to Austria. I'm really hoping the 80* temps feel better. Mark said he wanted to take the first funicular to the top of the mountain and enjoy cool weather. I couldn't agree more! 

Doesn't look like good internet service next week so more posts once will come later. Also I'm blogging from the iPad so if the posts look odd that's why. Ciao!



  1. I have nothing but admiration for you as you maintain your positive outlook on this journey. Somehow, I thought you were just moving to Germany, but you are taking the long road there! Blessings. .. love the posts! Barbe

  2. What a trip of a lifetime and don't worry about Hannah typical behavior for a three year in the most ideal circumstances but I imagine with the heat, strange beds and the time change her little body is wrecked.

    I actually applaud your COURAGE. I never attempted anything other than Disney with a 1 and a 3 year old