Monday, August 17, 2015

Salzburg and Munich

It's our second day in Austria and time for a trip to Salzburg. We tried to find a few Sound of Music sights without taking a tour. Here's the fountain Maria splashed in while singing "I Have Confidence" and the bells that rang at the wedding. 

Yeah, I know. Those aren't the things you would have looked for, but my little sightseers aren't the easiest to tote sometimes! We still loved Salzburg and also visited the Salzburg Castle (at the top of this picture). Still haven't found a princess at a castle...but we're still looking! "Hey Hannah, let's go see another castle today and see if we can find a princess!" That's how you get an almost 4 year old girl to cooperate! (Don't judge, we do what we've gotta do!)

And the view from the castle wasn't too shabby! (Another "wow") 

When you're the family photographer and you hand your camera off to your husband while taking a selfie and this is what you get...LOL! 

Day 4 we cheated and left Austria for a little time in Munich. We arrived and headed for the city center to see the glockenspiel. It rings every hour and has a scene "acted out" by characters in the clock. 

It was fun to watch but goes on way too long to hold the attention of my little watchers. But this sweet moment did happen while we were watching it! Sometimes these spontaneous little hugs just kill me! If these two get nothing else from our whole 5 months away I think they will become best friends - they're each other's only playmates!

And then it was time for a quick glimpse inside a church...and for Mark and Hannah to pray again (we needed a lot of prayers on this trip! Lol!). I would love to someday sit in the pews of an old church like this and listen to hymns being sung. This church had significant damage from the war but was refurbished and is beautiful. 

After lunch it was off to the Deutches Museum (technology museum). Yes, it sounds boring but we were primarily going for the Kinder Reich (kids kingdom)! The basement floor is a hands on kids museum that I'd read about and both kids had fun! There was a fire truck to climb on and play in and Daniel was convinced he was the only kid who should be driving the fire truck and kept trying to push the much bigger kids out of the way. Many tears were shed every time we pulled him away from it!

The oversize musical instruments were fun...and kind of what I wanted to see! 

Munich was beautiful but our day was short. We were both almost out of data on our international phone plans from the US and were trying to get SIM cards from a German phone store so we'd be all set when we arrived for our long term Germany stay in a few days. Unfortunately we were traveling without passports that day (oops!) and passports are required for buying a card. So a lot of extra walking for nothing. 

There were many other sights I would have enjoyed seeing in both of these cities but we took in what we could - walking and pushing a double stroller the whole time in both places. I wish our stroller had an odometer on it because we've put many many kilometers on those wheels. And the cobblestone and brick sidewalks are not easy on stroller wheels!

And now it's time for our Deutschland Adventure to officially start! 
Until next time! Auf wiedersehen!

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