Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grumbling and Growling

Today I've been listening to The Little One (TLO) playing and in the middle of her playing where she seems completely content there are spontaneous eruptions of grumbling and growling.  (Yes, literal growling. It's one of the noises she does best!)  She grumbles and growls and then continues playing, rolling side to side, back to tummy and toy to toy. One toy in the mouth, another in the hand, more being kicked with her feet. Yes, she's content...ish. It can be very frustrating when she's only contentish.  I want to get down, look her in the eyes and ask her "how can you not be happy with all these toys? You have nice clothes, a clean diaper, musical toys, cuddly toys, chewable toys and more.  So why aren't you happy?" Yes, I realize the stupidity in trying to rationalize with a 6 month old, that's why the words were never said outloud!  :)   But then I looked around the living room and around our house and had to ask myself similar questions. "How can YOU not be happy with all your stuff? You have nice clothes, a nice house, plenty of food, a good job and a beautiful family. So why aren't you happy?" Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my life. I have so many more blessings than I ever could have imagined. And I like to think that I'm content. But then I remember how often I've wished I could have new clothes, or the new carpet I'm longing for (so "TLO" will stop rubbing her face in the old carpet!), the new decorations I want for the walls, new this and new that. Maybe I'm not content?

I can't  help but think of the Israelities as they were led away from Egypt and were provided with freedom, safety, food and drink. They were a free people now but they grumbled. So if I feel this frustration with TLO and her grumbling and growling, I can't even begin to imagine the frustration my God feels when He looks at all He has blessed me with and I still say I want more. 

I prayed for this tiny child and the reminder she has now given me of my blessings, and the Lord granted what I asked of Him.

Thank you God, for the blessings you have given me. So many blessings, I can't even begin to put them in a list or name them. Thank you for entrusting me with the life of this little child and for the lesson she has reminded me of today. I'm sure this is only one of many lessons she will have for me through the next several years. Thank you for remembering us and continuing to bless us even when we grumble and growl about out lives, our circumstances and our problems. And thank you Father for the gift of Your Son who had the ultimate reason to grumble and yet still gave His life for the sake of other complainers like me. Thank You God. Amen.

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  1. Hi Lana! You are a very talented writer. I'm adding you to my Google reader!