Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday in a Friday world

Yes, it's Monday. You can see how much The Little One enjoys Mondays. Yes, Mondays follow the day that she gets tons of attention at church, gets to be held for a majority of the day, and most importantly...gets her nap schedule completely messed up. Mondays roll around and I think we both sometimes just want to pull the blanket up over our heads and sleep until Tuesday!

How many times do we as adults feel that way about Mondays? After enjoying a weekend spending time with our families, enjoying the weather, not having to be up early to head to work, no deadlines for work or a boss breathing down your neck, how many times does Monday come and you dread getting out of bed?  The tone of posts I see from friends on Facebook are different on Monday compared to Friday.  On Monday I see a lot of "Ugh, back to work." "Monday, please be nice to me." or "Don't make me go back to work!" Today I'm in agreement with The Little One because we've been Daddy-less this weekend while he traveled to Washington, D.C. and I'm ready to have someone else change a few diapers, wash bottles and entertain TLO! (If only  I could have someone else do all that and I could still get all the smiles and snuggles!)

But all of this talk about Mondays being so bad got me thinking (yikes!) As Christians we are called to be different, and not conform to the patterns of the world (Romans 12:2). We are called to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14). If the world despises Mondays, we should delight in the fact that we have been blessed with another beautiful day and another week to make a difference. If Mondays are dark and dreary, we are to be a light to our co-workers, offering a smile, a helping hand and a positive attitude.

The next time you think negatively about your Monday, try "renewing your mind" as Paul suggested (Rom 12:12). Don't conform to what the world does! Rejoice in the day! Offer your praise to the One who created you and created this day! Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the One who gave His life so you could have the hope you enjoy!

And I thank God that this is the face I get to see most of the week! I prayed for a child who needed me and look at the beautiful face the Lord placed in my life!

Thank you God for the beautiful Monday you have given us! I know we often complain about Mondays, but how can it be a bad day when we had the opportunity to have our spirits renewed in worship and praise yesterday?! Please help me to renew my mind and look forward to Mondays as much as I do Fridays. And thank you Lord for the beautiful blessing in my life who reminds of these lessons! Amen.

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