Friday, April 27, 2012

Quiet Treasures

For the first few months of TLO's life I did a dream-feed with her each night. This is when you either feed a baby while they're still laying in the crib/cradle/bassinet or you gently get them up, feed them and put them straight back to bed. I did this as late at night as I could before I went to bed, she barely woke up and was usually back to sleep before we ever got back to her bed. When she could only go 5-6 hours between night-time feedings this bought me an extra couple of hours. As she got older she stretched the feeding times and now will go 10-12 hours at night.
I didn't realize how much I missed those dream-feeds until I got to do one tonight. TLO's schedule got a little messed up this evening because we went to dinner (yummmm...Thai Cafe! My husband must love me!) and then to Wal-Mart. By the time we got home she was EXHAUSTED and late for her evening nap. So she got in her pj's and hopped into bed, sort of...come on, she's only 6 months old! Anyway, she went to bed at 7:30 and usually takes a bottle around 8:00. We kept expecting her to wake up for it but she never did. So I decided to get up her up at 10:15 to feed her rather than having her wake up at 5am on Saturday morning. Oh my goodness I do miss that time! She took her bottle mostly with her eyes closed and when she was done she opened them and smiled. That smile. It melts me. She smiled and laid her hand on my cheek, then nuzzled her face into my neck, stopped, smiled, nuzzled...and finally settled back with her eyes closed but her hand still on my cheek. I couldn't help but just sit and hold her like that. Night-time feedings are just so different than in the daytime. It's just so calm and quiet, so serene. I want to treasure those memories of sitting like we were tonight - hand to cheek, little milky mouth nuzzled into my neck.. I want to bottle up that feeling and keep it forever. (Someone please remind me of this feeling when she's a teenager!) My special child, I will treasure you for ever.

There is another mother who treasured her memories. Luke 2:16-20 tells us the "Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Imagine the memories, thoughts and emotions she had as the shepherds gathered around them singing praises to her son! Imagine that amazing feeling to have the son of God lying in your lap, nuzzling your neck, touching His tiny hand to your cheek and to know that the fate of all men rested in Him! Oh Mary, what did that feel like? And as the Heavenly Host sang in verse 14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,   and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Glory to God!

I prayed for this and glory be to God for all He has blessed me with!

Thank You God for that tiny hand that touched my cheek, for the milky wet spot she left on my neck and for the quiet times we have. Help me to remember that I need quiet time not just with my child, but also with You, my Father. Thank you for allowing me to reach out to touch You when I need comfort and remind me to reach out to touch You when I need to shout for glory as well. Amen.

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